About Pandora

PANDORA is a platform that provides online and in-person education and training in the area of Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) Tumours. It is funded by a COST INNOVATORS GRANT (CIG) as part of the European Union’s Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) programme (www.cost.eu).

Multidrug resistance (MDR) affects 30 to 60% of cancer patients, causing poor quality of life and high costs for healthcare systems. Research in the MDR field is highly fragmented, and there is no recognized professional figure this is adequately instructed in the various MDR disciplines, and that is trained to have interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary views and approaches that cover preclinical and clinical research in MDR tumours, to successfully develop diagnostic tests or new drugs for MDR tumours.

The PANDORA Cancer Academy aims to create this new professional figure by providing an online educational platform that is continuously updated on the hot topics in oncological research, and particularly in MDR.